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Mirchi lagi!!

Isn’t it beautiful? My first green chilli, in all it’s fiery glory…sigh…

Just look at the pretty white flower it sprouted from. Still can’t believe I finally managed to grow something apart from spinach and coriander. Those were just leaves, but this? This is a product! I’m so utterly delighted!

What should I do with it? I don’t have the heart to eat it. Not yet anyway. Wondering how long I can let it hang there and continue to delight me before it must be plucked, and chopped, and sprinkled into my curry which will end up in my tummy, after which it will probably cause mild havoc with my intestinal lining.

When my aunt found out about my intention (random at first but perked itself into an interest) to grow veggies, she was delighted with me but gave me a dire warning. Do NOT grow chillis, she said. It is BAD luck.

It’ll disrupt my life and cause strife in the house and arguments amongst the family every day!

Obviously, once I was told not to grow it, I just HAD to then proceed to do the exact opposite. Happily, we aren’t fighting any more than usual (knock on wood).

I’ll be careful not to step on the leaves though, and in case someone falls sick, I’ll take a fistful of chillies and burn them and for best effect, throw the ashes over my shoulder. That should take care of all the negative vibes! πŸ˜€

9 thoughts on “Mirchi lagi!!

  1. Well done…..
    Let it turn red on the plant…. after it dries out you can use the seeds to grow more… So you could end up with ten plants from this one!!
    Do check in at the garden store and get some fungicide for the plant. There is a little bit of leaf curling going on.
    Good Luck!

  2. Good for you Munira! I’ve been trying to grow my basil plants since ever! I just keep forgetting to water them :-O!
    You just triggered me to be more “responsible” ! I’ll definitely try again πŸ™‚ .

    Love the way you describe your life in your blog, you make it easy for anyone to connect and make a resemblance to their own lives (or at least that’s what I feel)
    Great Job!

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