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(Mis)Adventures of a DIY gardener (part 1)

There was once a vine with very pretty yellow flowers called Allamanda that caused me great grief . I brought it home in a pot and put it in a corner of my courtyard and hoped it would go wild, like it does in homes all over Karachi; but as luck would have it, the one that I adopted behaved like a stubborn child and refused to grow much, and was prone to attacks of mealy bugs.

Months went by and my Allamanda didn’t seem as healthy as I would have liked. I would drive by houses with walls overgrown with these beautiful fresh green leaves and flowers and feel envious and miserable at my failure.

I didn’t give up on it however, and transferred it along with a fertile mix of sand and fresh buffalo manure into a big hole in the ground near the stairs, and crossed my fingers.

It promptly shed most of its leaves after the transplantation, and my heart sank, thinking it was a goner….and I would be held responsible for its death.

But after a few weeks, I spied new tendrils and leaves beginning to peek out of the stem, and I tended to it with new zeal. Watched out for bugs and sprayed it every two weeks, watered it and trained the tendrils to climb higher.

New leaves kept growing after that and the vine got bushier, until one morning I woke up to see new yellow flowers bobbing in the breeze! It was the most beautiful and gratifying sight in the world, giving me fresh hope and the reassurance that I wasn’t a plant murderer.

Several months went by, and now my Allamanda is the pride and joy of my little courtyard, entwining itself over the bamboo trellis just like I had always hoped it would πŸ™‚ Joy!

5 thoughts on “(Mis)Adventures of a DIY gardener (part 1)

  1. I love your blog!! where are you from?
    my name is munira too ! and its weird cause only a few people spell it that way! πŸ˜€

    1. no waaay!!! you’re a munira too??! how cool is this? AND you like my blog!! πŸ˜€
      thank you so much for your comment, you really made my day!
      i’m from karachi btw….how about you?

  2. Good job ! Almanda looks lovely. I guess you bought it in the wrong time of the year.. winters.
    It will always turn lush green and bloom well in summers. Try other colors of almanda too. They have a flower bigger than this one.

    1. Thanks Zahra! I bought it in ‘spring’ but my theory is it didn’t grow very well because it was in a gamla. It’s like this now because of the transfer into a kiaree.
      The pink ones are very pretty too πŸ™‚ So lovely to get a comment from you πŸ™‚

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