The fuzzy cat

So I’m sitting at my table, it’s early morning (earlier than usual for me, since I am NOT a morning person) and I’ve just had a couple of pan-toasted chapatis and a mug of sweet tea for breakfast. It’s a bit chilly, after the surprise rain we received in Karachi during the last couple of days, so I fetch my snuggly old hoodie and proceed to comfortably peruse my blogs and do some moves on Scrabble before getting on with my list of chores for the day.

I’m distracted by a familiar scratchy, gravelly sound outside the study door, and I smile, knowing what this means. No, it doesn’t mean Freddy Kruger is around. It means Fuzzy the cat is being a good boy and using his litter tray.

You’d think that’s only natural, right? Cats are SUPPOSED to ‘powder their noses’ in their designated space. Wrong. Sometimes a fuzzy black half-Persian tomcat decides he wants to break the rules.

Exactly four years ago, Amu stamped her little foot (not really, but it sounds cute) and demanded a pet cat. I tried to reason her out of it of course. Having a pet is a huge responsibility (and I would know, since I have a looooong history with pets) and knowing Amu, I had a feeling she wouldn’t have the patience or the time to look after it.

I humored her though, and after a week or two of daily pleading, I spread open the Sunday ad section of the newspaper and pored over the pet column, with Amu sitting next to me. It turned out there were quite a few kittens for sale! We jotted down a number and made a phone call to get the whereabouts of a semi-Persian pair of kittens. Amu nagged and nagged until we got in the car and drove off to look for the house of the gentleman selling the little felines.

Finding the place was an adventure in itself, but as we parked outside the house and rang the bell, Amu and I wondered what we’d find. Someone came up to open the gate, and a youngish boy with greasy hair greeted us and ushered us into his garden. We walked over to the patio and saw the most adorable sight! Two tiny little gray furballs hurtling after a ping pong ball and swatting it back and forth with their little paws!

Amu and I just looked at each other. If she has an ounce of my genes, (and I think she does), we both felt the same thing. A mix of heart-melting delight and longing was shining in Amu’s eyes, and I knew she was in love with the first scruffy little kittens she encountered on her quest. As Amu clung to my arm and mouthed silent pleas, I asked the youngish boy how much he was asking for one of them. He quoted a sum about three times what I had in mind, so I told him we would go home and have a think and get back to him later in the day.

Back home, Huz and I had a pow-wow. I thought the guy was asking for too much money and it wasn’t worth it. Amu was blinded by love and couldn’t think straight, of course. Huz warned us of the consequences of having a pet cat. What if it wasn’t potty-trained? What if we wanted to go on a holiday, who would care for it? What if it demanded too much time and commitment? Who would take it to the vet? These, and many other questions were debated, but Amu stuck to her guns and assured us she would love it and care for it and we wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. And then she threw in the trump card. She was lonely.

That did it.Β So, against our better judgment, we went back to the greasy boys house, handed him a wad of cash in exchange for Sam, the tinier of the two siblings, feeling guilty for taking him away from his sister and playmate forever.

It was evening as we drove home with a new addition to our little family, and we stopped on the way to buy some things that we had never bought before. Cat food! And cat shampoo! It felt like the gateway to a new world of groceries and products had just opened up for us, and it was kind of cute and amusing to be buying things called Whiskas, or Me-O, or cat litter that came in kilograms, in a sunny yellow bag that said Thomas.

The tiny kitty perched on my knee during the ride home, while Amu leaned over the seat to pet him. He seemed quite comfortable with us, and didn’t seem scared or bewildered by the suddenness of this strange new experience.

Back home, we let him roam around and explore the house and entertained him with things that normally delight kittens. We thought of giving him a new name, since he now had a new life. I can’t remember now if we re-christened him that night or the next day. I was stuck on Prince Rustam for some reason, but Amu decided on Fuzzy. We all approved, and hence, it stuck.

That first night we made him as comfortable as we could, and made him a bed out of a cardboard box lined with newspaper. We wondered if his mom had taught him anything, and imagine our surprise when we witnessed the first bit of evidence that he had been rightly and properly schooled in the way of cats! Out of all the places he could have chosen to relieve his tiny little bladder, he picked a spot on some newspapers we had left lying in a corner for just that purpose. Oh, what a relief! Now I wouldn’t have to worry about learning how to be a mommy cat! Little Sam/Fuzzy knew his business, and by the time we got him a proper litter tray, he took to that immediately as well.

The new addition

We couldn’t sleep very well that first night, Amu and I, as we were worried about Fuzzy being alone outside in the living room. So we ended up staying awake till 5 in the morning, keeping an eye on the little thing as he prowled around, and once again I thought to myself ‘what have I let myself in for’. One does tend to get anxiety attacks when one is sleep-deprived. But after a week or so, we all settled down to happily co-exist, man and beast.

It seems the little beast got a bit too comfortable sometimes, and there were ‘episodes’ where he was too ‘lazy’ to walk all the way over to his litter to relieve himself. Cat piss is a nasty, nasty business involving odours that are very hard to get rid of and have a propensity to linger, as I discovered to my horror. I had a penchant for having a clean house that smelled fresh and lovely, like washed laundry, so imagine my shock at realising how little control i had over my cat’s bladder!

He merrily proceeded to pee at least once a day on something he really shouldn’t. Like the sofas. The rugs. The bean-bag. The comforter. The floor. The newly-installed carpet in Amu’s room. The bathroom mats. You get the picture. The cat was out of control!

I scrubbed and cleaned, and neared the edge of tearful despair, contemplating driving him to a faraway location and abandoning him, or giving him away. Obviously, I couldn’t be so cruel. But I was decidedly not as loving as I should be towards a pet, and remember smacking him on the head a few times until I did some research and learned that’s not a very good way of teaching a cat not to do bad things. I consulted my upstairs neighbour, who lives with six cats, and asked for his advice after tactfully inquiring about any peculiar behaviour he may have encountered in his brood of kitties. He told me about a fabulous product that de-odourises pet ‘accidents’. You just spray it on and let it break down the molecules in cat piss that cause the odour!Β Apparently, cat pee contains a high concentration of urea, about twice as much as dogs, and that’s what gives it such a strong smell. They can’t help it, poor things. They’re just evolved that way. It’s useful for marking their territory, and keeping unwanted enemy cats at bay.

That’s what we thought was wrong with Fuzzy. We thought he was unusually insecure about the stray cats that prowled around our building, yowling their heads off and busily marking their own territory outside our doors. Of course he could smell their pee. So he went into counterattack mode. Either that, or he was trying to attract some romantic interest his own way….

We marched him off to the vet to have him….(gulp!)….neutered. Now, neutering is supposed to be a fairly simple procedure in male cats that have normally built external genitalia. But our cat chose to be different. The vet felt him up and declared him to have a condition called monorchidism. In other words, he only had one descended testicle! The other one was somewhere in his abdomen, developing at a much slower rate than its twin. Nevertheless, poor Fuzzy had to undergo not just the scalpel, but an utter invasion of his privacy, and needless to say it was a difficult time both for us and him.

It has been four years learning how to live with our cat. He’s been through vaccinations, de-fleaing, de-worming, operations, antibiotics, and many trips to the vet for checkups. You must be wondering if the neutering made a difference. Well, it didn’t. Ultimately, we just had to be very vigilant, make sure his litter tray stayed clean enough for him not to turn up his aristocratic little snub nose at it. We roll up our rugs and protect our sofas with plastic coverings every night, and every morning we unroll the rugs and put away the plastic. We chase Fuzzy to his litter every time he starts sniffing around and acts suspicious. Sometimes he pees on the plastic coverings, so I am to be seen mopping and de-odourising every so often. But at least it isn’t so difficult now that we have accepted this gruelling labour as part of our lives. As you can imagine, Princess Amu doesn’t lift a finger. In her defense, the poor girl has to go to school, so she is forgiven.

So you can imagine, dear readers, the joy I feel when I notice, or hear, Fuzzy using his litter tray of his own volition. It’s a daily triumph to see him do that.

Okay then, my writing for the day done. Time to go unroll those rugs….

how does one stay mad at a cat that looks at you like this?


  1. Nice story. We live with 2 black cats. Aristocrats…as you say. But now, unfortunately, despite the odd accident, indispensible……..and as for your pics – Fuzzy is a great name !! πŸ™‚

  2. Suits him to a t, doesn’t it?! Yup, can’t get rid of him, despite everything. Darn lovable cat. πŸ˜›

  3. fatema says:

    thats such an ‘aww!!’ pic mun!!…and its about time you blogged about an important ‘presence’ in your house..:D..give fuzzy wuzzy a cuddle from khala!!…(cus he wont let me cuddle him..:(..)

    1. I know! Can’t believe it took me so long πŸ˜›
      Cuddles have been duly administered khala! πŸ˜€

  4. Harsha says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaw…a pet story M πŸ˜€ I’m not a cat person, but Fuzzy is absolutely adorable! And thank goodness you didn’t get to name him…Prince Rustom sounds too fuddy duddy πŸ˜‰

    Your post has made me nostalgic for my dog Candy, who passed away more than 10 years ago. Mom brought her home in a plastic shopping bag (imagine the indignity!), and thought she was he until she proved otherwise by doing her business on our doorstep πŸ˜› Needless to say she ruled the roost for all of the 13 years we had her until she passed away. Now I can’t hardly wait until I gets Ishaan gets a bit older to get a dog again…a Lab this time and I mean it πŸ˜‰

    As for Princess Amu not lifting a finger…she’s a Princess, what did you expect πŸ˜‰

    1. Hahaha, I think Rustam popped into my head because of that pompous fat cat in ‘Over the Hedge’ πŸ˜› Totally unsuitable, given Fuzzy’s personality!
      And what a coincidence. I attempted bringing my first cat (Noni) home in a plastic shopping bag too! But I was 8 then, and had no clue at all πŸ˜€

      Now why was I under the impression that you had a dog?? Guess I was mistaken.

      Pets have such a profound effect on our lives, don’t they? You’ll never forget Candy, just as I’ll never forget Noni, my original ginger tomcat. I’m amazed how perfectly I remember every detail of the day I brought him home…

  5. Aarti says:

    That picture is so darling!
    Fuzzy suits him well, Rustam would have been funny in a good way πŸ˜€ Of course Amu doesn’t help, but you’ve introduced her to the joy of owning a pet and like us, she’ll be responsible when older πŸ™‚

    Oh what naughty cats we have! Bindi & Zadie were the resident cats until the dogs entered the picture almost 2 yrs ago and Bindi just decided to pee Everywhere. We used a deterrent spray so she hated the smell and stopped for most parts but she gets cheeky sometimes and out comes our mop. Fuzzy & Bindi have stories to exchange haha!

    Give Fuzzy a rub for me and a hug to you for caring for a kitty cat :))

  6. Thank you! I’m glad SOMEBODY agrees with the potential of Rustam πŸ˜€ (even though Fuzzy does suit him)
    You make a good point. I think it’s entirely possible to mould the way children behave towards animals in the long run. I wish she’d help with the mopping, but me being such a control freak, I’d just worry she wouldn’t do a good job of scrubbing πŸ˜›
    So Bindi is a naughty cat too! Haha! We’re bonded!
    Hug back and Fuzzy purrs his gratitude for the rub πŸ˜€

  7. eva626 says:

    ur cat is so cute and fuzzy!!! i never saw one like it!!!

  8. PL Holden says:

    Nice writing, and I love that cat picture.

  9. lahgitana says:

    Hi–Kathy at Reinventing the Event Horizon sent me here! I can see why!

    And that last photo of your fuzzball kitten–you could NEVER stay mad at that face! >:-D

    1. Munira says:

      Why has it taken me so long to reply to you? Tsk!!! Thank you for taking the time out to visit me Ms lahgitana πŸ™‚
      It’s true, I always relent 😐

      1. lahgitana says:

        Me, too! Cats are like that!

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