The darndest things!

Here are some of the top searches on the worldwide web that led people to my blog. They’re so strange I don’t even know what to say :p

1. bean bag sofa bed in karachi.

2. maid ruins clothes.

3. tofiq pasha email address.

4. bubble shading device.

5. pani puri cause IBS

6. neighbors cat shredded his carpet so he now lets cat roam neighborhood. cat is constantly on my patio. found him on table. he might have used it for litter box. owner angry when asked to keep cat off my patio. help!

7. hopeless sad

8. munira ka ghagra

9. are there any gorgeous women in heera mandi

10. garfield cooking lasagne

11. place to live without clothes in karachi

12. how do you say my body hasn’t trained in a long time in spanish

13. abdullah shah ghazi prostitutes

14. munira aunty  ——> ( :p )

15. lady home cook in karachi

16. garfield stolen lasagne

17. surefire way to trap male cat peeing on our deck

18. song got one hand in my pocket and the other holding up a peace sign

Yeh hum nahin, log kehtey hain. Great stuff people. Keep it coming :p


  1. Shoaib Farooqui says:


    P.S. I totally disagree with number 5. 😛

    1. It’s insane!

      p.s. …..really….? 🙂

      1. Shoaib Farooqui says:

        and hilarious!

        p.s. yes…pani puri is innocent!;)

  2. bobcb518 says:

    And I thought mine were weird.

    1. Very! But really rather funny too 😀

  3. What on earth is a bubble shading device?? Such a hoot these!

    1. I wish I knew H 😀 Hey, you ever thought of doing one of these? What kind of weird search phrases lead people to YOUR blog?

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