Courtyard lovelies!

Got this when it was only yea high…


It took a long hiatus for growing purposes, slowly but surely, inch by inch, month by ponderous month, no flowers or anything. Finally it sprouted a bud-bearing stalk a few months ago, which, to my horror, I accidentally broke off.

But then it went into a ballistic growth spurt and turned rapidly into a little tree, still flowerless…until this morning 🙂 I guess the summer heat got to it!


Bought this succulent non-spiky cactus from the 2011 Flower Show. It got a bit weird while I was away in Tanzania for two weeks and Mom over-watered it. That’s a big no-no when it comes to desert plants. They actually LIKE being parched 😛

So I put it in the courtyard in full sun and let it be for a while, and sure enough, it got all pretty and rose-like again! I love looking at its crimson-edged leaves 🙂

some kind of dangerously thorny plant

My friend’s mother sent me this plant for my newbie collection. It bears new bright pink tiny flowers every day, and I love it because it’s so hardy and low maintenance. It thrives under the trellis in partial shade, and is probably the prettiest plant in my courtyard. Thanks Shermeen’s Mom! 😀


And this is the fruit of my labour, from the tomato plants I’ve been nurturing for the last several months. The last time I attempted growing tomatoes, the plants died without bearing any fruit. So very disappointing.

But I was determined to grow tomatoes! So I planted more, read up on tomato-growing, transplanted the small shoots into bigger pots, fed them, watered them, talked to them, made them a trellis….and now look. 😀

My very own tomato! And guess what….there’s two little baby ones behind it! *dances with joy* I know, I know, the leaves don’t look too healthy, don’t ask me what’s wrong now, I’ll have to google the symptoms and see what can be done. But for now, I’m a-gonna go down to the courtyard every morning and look at my green baby tomatoes and beam at them till they ripen 🙂

Can’t wait to eat ’em!