Courtyard lovelies!

Got this when it was only yea high…


It took a long hiatus for growing purposes, slowly but surely, inch by inch, month by ponderous month, no flowers or anything. Finally it sprouted a bud-bearing stalk a few months ago, which, to my horror, I accidentally broke off.

But then it went into a ballistic growth spurt and turned rapidly into a little tree, still flowerless…until this morning 🙂 I guess the summer heat got to it!


Bought this succulent non-spiky cactus from the 2011 Flower Show. It got a bit weird while I was away in Tanzania for two weeks and Mom over-watered it. That’s a big no-no when it comes to desert plants. They actually LIKE being parched 😛

So I put it in the courtyard in full sun and let it be for a while, and sure enough, it got all pretty and rose-like again! I love looking at its crimson-edged leaves 🙂

some kind of dangerously thorny plant

My friend’s mother sent me this plant for my newbie collection. It bears new bright pink tiny flowers every day, and I love it because it’s so hardy and low maintenance. It thrives under the trellis in partial shade, and is probably the prettiest plant in my courtyard. Thanks Shermeen’s Mom! 😀


And this is the fruit of my labour, from the tomato plants I’ve been nurturing for the last several months. The last time I attempted growing tomatoes, the plants died without bearing any fruit. So very disappointing.

But I was determined to grow tomatoes! So I planted more, read up on tomato-growing, transplanted the small shoots into bigger pots, fed them, watered them, talked to them, made them a trellis….and now look. 😀

My very own tomato! And guess what….there’s two little baby ones behind it! *dances with joy* I know, I know, the leaves don’t look too healthy, don’t ask me what’s wrong now, I’ll have to google the symptoms and see what can be done. But for now, I’m a-gonna go down to the courtyard every morning and look at my green baby tomatoes and beam at them till they ripen 🙂

Can’t wait to eat ’em!


  1. Tip on tomatoes………don’t let the foliage shade the fruit from the sun otherwise they’ll stay green for ever. My wife’s tip really…..I’m no gardener.

    1. Mun says:

      Great tip Mr Monkey…..many thank yous to Mrs Monkey! *runs off to prune leaves*

  2. lmcniff says:

    wow! fruit already! i am so jealous! i did a little dance for joy when i noticed some little yellow flowers on mine this week…this is our first attempt, crossing my fingers we get lots of red ones!

    1. munnibegum says:

      Heehee! Thaaaanks! And I hope you get loads of red ones too 🙂

  3. i luw ur photography..need to show the picture of d tomato to aba:p

    1. Munira says:

      Thank you Khadija! What a pleasant surprise to find you on my blog! 😀

  4. auntyuta says:

    Hi Munira, thanks for your visit! Because of your visit I was guided to this page which is lovely. It’s early in the morning here in Australia and it’s such a joy to look at your beautiful pictures first thing in the morning. We have a frangipani growing, received it as a gift in a pot several years ago at Easter. Planted it out. First it didn’t want to grow at all. After maybe two years it started growing a little bit. Now finally it started growing a bit more. I am still waiting for some flowers. Ah well, maybe next year!
    This your post goes back to June 2011. Have you had any luck with growing tomatoes in the meantime? Are you planning on growing some this year?

    1. Munira says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed my pictures Aunty Uta, and I do hope your frangipani flowers soon! I have had very poor luck growing tomatoes so have given up on it altogether 😦
      I’m afraid I get too tired to do much gardening and all I can manage is weeding and watering!

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