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The ‘Yes! I like this!’ blog award goes to….

I’m tickled pink, not to mention terribly flattered and honoured to have received this today:

Yippee!! Thank you once again Alan (aka Single Malt Monkey) for deeming me a deserving recipient 🙂

The rules of this particular award were as follows:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 deserving blog buddies.
4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

Okay, so the first one is taken care of. Now to share seven random facts about myself…*cough* This won’t be easy, but… goes….
1. When I was in my teens, I was struck by a strange feeling of regret as I contemplated the notion that I’ll never get to meet all the gazillions of people co-habiting planet Earth with me. It actually made my heart sink.
2. These days I’m seriously thinking about trying out each and every recipe from my new Potato  Cookbook that I bought for a bargain price of Rs 250 from a second-hand bookshop. (it’s in great shape too!) We’re talking 240 recipes, my friend. Have already made three things from it, a) spanish tortilla; b) hash browns; c) potato and mixed vegetable salad with lemon mayonnaise. They all turned out great, though I varied some of the ingredients according to availability..
3. I love that my ability and penchant for writing led me to blogging, an avenue for sharing my thoughts, rants and experiences with so many people OTHER than my immediate circle of acquaintance. I have a greater sense of community here than in my real life…
4. I think my personality encourages people to confide in me. Sometimes a tad more than they should…
5. Animals are my favourite people. Especially kittens and puppies.
6. If there is something I wish for more than anything, it is to live in a world where there is no need to have a system of beliefs…
7. I am more comfortable in the virtual world than the real world.
Phew. I think my random facts aren’t as random as I’d like them to be.
Moving on!
Goody, here comes the fun part.This is where I pass the award along to 15 deserving blog buddies. Admittedly, some of them can’t be considered ‘buddies’, so let’s just say they’re bloggers whose blogs I have subscribed to thus far in my blogging career, and/or whose sites I find myself drawn to perusing. Some of them I love because they’re just a pleasure to read. Others are great because I learn something from them…still others inject some humour into my day or provide beautiful images that inspire me to pick up my camera as well. Whatever the case, these are my besties, so by all means give them a look-see…
1. Single Malt Monkey, I mention him first as it is because of him I’m passing on the award 🙂 SMM is a multi-talented person, currently dabbling in painting, but who loves poetry and literature, photography, and believe it or not, actually makes guitars. Needless to say, he’s big on music too AND…he’s been FP’ed a few times.
2. H is for Happiness. I am so glad Harsha stumbled across my blog, and that I was led to hers as a consequence. H, as I call her, lives in Goa and has the dubious distinction of being my blogger soul sister. She loves to re-read her favourite books, plays cricket with her gorgeous son Ishaan, and laments the fact that Goa is such a darned tourist attraction! She is an amazing photographer, and loves Nature with a passion.
3. Gathering-just-a-bit-o moss is where my infinitely better half attempts not to make too little or too much sense. I have the right to reserve judgment on whether he makes ANY sense at all, nevertheless (and I’m not biased when I say) the guy is an incredibly kooky poet, loves to mock things in a seemingly intellectually subversive way (esp Sufism) and believes in keeping things short and sweet. ‘Nuff said.
4. Free Range , is Susan Orlean’s blog at The New Yorker where she muses about encounters in places with people and things. Including chickens. She’s a professional of course, and needs no publicity by me of all people, but I love her blog and want to share her with all of you.
5. Hortophile-My new garden blogs about…you guessed it…her garden. It is truly an awesome one. The woman has a seriously green thumb and believes in environmental responsibility…..and common sense. Not only do I learn a lot, I feel good just looking at her pictures and reading about the things she does. Very inspiring indeed.
6. Indigo Violet’s Blog is where you’ll find my ADHD friend Aarti. Found her through Harsha’s blog and really enjoy her rambling style, not to mention her psychological insights, her love for her multitudinous pets, and yes, her kooky sense of humour , conveyed amply by her choice of images. To know more about her, read her ‘About Indigo’…..the girl has joie de vivre!
7. The class factotum speaks, and this too as mostly staccato conversations with her husband. In her own words, she is ‘a gold digging, bon bon eating, soap opera watching housewife who lives off her wonderful used husband: Serious Honey, aka The Engineer.’
8. Open Lotus Garden wonders how much positive impact a single garden can make. A very inspiring and encouraging blog, not to mention wonderfully uplifting.
9.Not So Spanish is one of the most consistently cute blogs I have come across on WordPress. Rea writes about being a Canadian mom in Spain, her two kids and her husband and the funny things she sees around her adopted country. Amazingly dry sense of humour and wit. Love it!
10. Kristen Lamb’s Blog once again, needs no publicity, but if you’re a blogger/writer/social media fan, you seriously need to check out her blog. Great style, great advice, highly useful.
(holy crap! 5 more to go!)
11. Emjayandthem’s Blog. Ok, MJ is relatively new on my blogroll but I love her already. She is responsible for introducing me to the best pancake recipe EVER, but not only that, she missed Diana at the royal wedding as much as I did. I think I found her through Single Malt Monkey’s blog. Don’t you just love serendipity?
12. Mehreen Kasana. How could I forget her? She’s the funniest writer/doodler in the Pakistani blogosphere! The girl is rather famous already and needs no publicity, nevertheless, she  must be introduced to the uninitiated. She doesn’t post very often, but I make it a point to check what she’s been up to every once in a while.
13. Kala Kawa In his own words, he’s no expert. He just watches, reports…and bashes. Very good basher too! And a prominent member of the Pakistani twitterati. Very entertaining indeed.
14. The Karachi Walla will tell you anything you want to know and anywhere you want to go in The City by the Sea. Found him by chance while searching for pictures on the web, wondered who he was, and recently learned the world is a very small place indeed……I think he definitely deserves some publicity 🙂
15. Xeemarmar… of those blogs I just HAVE to visit, since it is co-written by two very lively and intelligent ladies from my hometown/community 🙂 The name is derived from Zimmarmar, a mountain in Yemen, a place held dear by both the writers for similar reasons….
Congratulations to all of you who won!! I shall now proceed to let you all know how amazingly lucky you are and bring your attention to this post unless you’re one of those intelligent few who had the good sense to subscribe to my blog.
Writing this has been such fun. It made me think about why I appreciate all of you as much as I do, and left me with a warm glowy feeling inside. I’m sure y’all feel the radiations….don’tcha? Don’tcha??
 Wokay then, time to publish this.

22 thoughts on “The ‘Yes! I like this!’ blog award goes to….

  1. Hey M!!! Soul-sisters is right…we share random facts too 😀 Well puppies before kittens but no need to sweat the small stuff 😉

    You know M…you need to have a section on cooking coz you’re so good at it and coz your enjoyment in it is so infectious even to someone who hasn’t stepped into the kitchen in two years – moi 😛 Maybe a Julie/Julia style thing as you cook your way through this potato cookbook?! I want that hash-brown recipe!

    All the blogs sound interesting, especially the gardening one…must check them out asap…at the moment have just returned from a fruitful trip to the bookstore 🙂 Am off to read The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes and then watch Paltrow as Emma…perfect recipe for a rainy Monsoon afternoon 🙂

    Love, H.

    1. Ooooh, your mention of a rainy monsoon afternoon evoked the most beautiful visuals in my head.
      What I wouldn’t give for a long walk in the rain…..*sigh*…….am sure you had a great time reading and watching Emma……Jane Austen is one of my all-time favorites.
      I WAS toying with the idea of blogging my way through the cookbook, but I realised there’s only so much I can fit into my day. My leisurely days feel like they’re over, my friend 😦 Too much on my plate these days…
      I WILL give you the hash-brown recipe though, if you promise to make it 😉

  2. There was a film recently, can’t remember the title, maybe someone else will, where a lady cooked 365 different recipes from a cookbook in one year. In the film she and her partner stayed slim and beautiful !!!

    Keep up the good work, Mun and thanks for the kind mention. 🙂

    1. It was called Julie and Julia, Alan….! It was so entertaining, cooking and blogging about cooking, totally something I can imagine myself doing, except for the staying slim and beautiful part. That would just be the proverbial pipe-dream, wouldn’t it 😛
      As for the mention, it was my pleasure. I meant it when I said I enjoyed writing this post, so thank YOU for being the inspiration!

  3. Well .. thank you very much for not only your sweet words but all of the WONDERFUL links!! I will enjoy perusing these over the weekend with my coffee. Thank you again, you’re too kind.

    PS glad you loved the pancakes … nom nom.

    Cheers! MJ

    1. Cheers to you too MJ! We seem to be making the pancakes every other day and I still can’t get over how simple and awesome the recipe is. My standard French pancake recipe seems to be forgotten for now…. which is great cos it called for an obscene amount of butter 😛
      You’re going to have a fun weekend….I just know it 😉

  4. You are too kind! But would you mind not mentioning my double-secret probation blog (Diary) with the others? There are people who read CF who are not allowed to know about Diary! Thank you for the award!

    1. PS I deleted your comment on my blog because I really do not want my mother finding Diary! Actually, it wouldn’t be so awful if my mom found it, although you know it’s not mom stuff I post, but if SH’s parents somehow stumbled on it? That would be a nightmare.

      I am so flattered at the award and the mention! Thank you!

  5. Wow, thank you so much for including me in this list. And I found a couple awesome blogs to add to my daily reading (Mehreen Kasana is now my idol.) Cheers!

  6. BTW, I noticed the profile you set up so you can comment on my blog doesn’t link back here! I have you on my blogroll, but a reader can’t get from your comments to your blog. I hate for you not to get trackbacks!

    PS I deleted your comment before I had thought to ask you to remove or uncouple the references. Paranoid, I know!

    1. I know, I think it’s a WordPress vs Blogspot thing ): I’ve read so many of your posts but never been able to figure out how to leave comments using my WordPress profile…there’s always some error. This time I succeeded only because I registered as a Blogspot user. Weird huh?
      As for the comment, no issues! I just wanted to bring your attention to this post here. My bad not remembering your in-laws!! You can relax now, hopefully no damage done!
      Hope you’re having a lovely weekend 🙂

      1. I think you can put a link to your blog on your blogspot profile. I’ve been meaning to tell you.

        In laws. Ick. But material. I keep reminding myself. Material.

        Our weekend is great – hope yours is the same!

  7. hi munira,

    new reader on ur blog. Read random blogs from ur archives.
    Quite interesting and fun to read. Are u dawoodi bohra???
    And by any means are u a virgo?? Asking yun hi.. Hope u dont mind..
    Looking forward to read more…

    1. Hello there Rashmi! Nice to see you here 🙂
      Yes I am a DB, my name is a dead giveaway, hai na?! I’m a Sagittarian though, and a Rat to boot.
      Look forward to hearing from you again….!

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