Finding falooda part-2

All was quiet outside the bubble….

(except for an odd motorbike or two)
(and the Old Clifton masjid, all lit up for Shab e Mairaj)
even the homeless boy was fast asleep on the sidewalk, using his chappals as a pillow. no doubt so no one could steal them.

….as we set off on our mission.

The idea was to have a plate or two of chicken kebabs before the next place on our hit list, Sialkot Milk Centre in Bahadurabad… give their falooda a shot.

So, under the pass, and over the bridge once again, veering off to Shara e Faisal this time and turning left to pass through Sindhi Muslim Society.

lots of places to eat and drink...but not here....not today 🙂

Amu is not a chicken kebab person and she was starving so we first made a stop at, you guessed it….

Huz and Amu went off to get a quarter pounder without cheese.
..while I sat in the car and waited....and took pictures. That's a landmark, btw. A big 'Allah'. bang opposite McDonalds 🙂

Tariq Road was, as usual, full of crazy thoughtless drivers so Huz had to drive with all his attention on the road. We traversed the entire length and crossed over into Bahadurabad from a parallel road, munching on hot fries stolen from Amu.

Finally we reached the place we were aiming for. Zameer Ansari. Quite well known apparently, but we had never eaten here before.

We parked in a spot close by and decided against sitting inside the restaurant or outside on one of the many tables and chairs laid out for customers. A waiter turned up at our window and we asked him to get us a plate of Chicken Malai, a plate of Chicken Boti and a couple of parathas to go with. Before long, he returned bearing a greasy tray of goodies….

hari chutney and pyaaz......further mmmmmmmmmmm's

(We must remember to get our own tray for the next such expedition)

The food was incredible. Huz and I were on cloud 9 as we munched our way through the plates of kebab, and it seems our loyalty to Ghaffar (Delhi Mercantile) has been dealt a big shove by Zameer Ansari (Bahadurabad). Tsk.

And now we come to the next thing on the list. Dessert! Onwards to Sialkot Milk Centre, reputedly one of the best places to have a milkshake. We made a U-turn and drove back down the road we had come, parked at the roundabout and once again, a waiter turned up at our window asking what we’d like.

‘Do falooda.’ said Huz and I in unison.

‘Sir, falooda nahin hai, sirf milkshake.’
Oh well, we couldn’t hurt the poor guy’s feelings so we asked what flavours they had, and he rattled off a whole list.
‘Mango, cheekoo, pineapple, kajoo, khajoor, injeer…’ ….and a few more I can’t remember which.
So it was that we ended up having milkshakes, cheekoo for Huz, pineapple for me and nothing for Amu cos she doesn’t like shakes. She looked around and took some pictures.
she thought this little boy was adorable in his tiny kurta
balloon boy didn't pester us too much when he saw how big our baby was
Huz’s cheekoo was a bit off and my pineapple was a bit too sugary. Neither of us enjoyed it all that much but we drank it anyway.
Except for the kebab bit! 🙂
I doubt if any of you will go to Sialkot Milk Centre after reading this, but to be fair the last time I had a date shake there it was pretty good. So it varies I suppose. You can’t expect consistency in such things. Much like life itself.
But we had fun, and that’s what matters.
quiet street in Bahadurabad
not so quiet seat cover.

And the quest continues….


  1. shazia hasan says:

    where is zameer ansari in bahadurabad??will try him out next time i am in town

    1. munira says:

      It’s somewhere behind Naheed super market Shazia, if you like chicken malai boti, you’ll go nuts over this. And the parathas are delectable. An absolute must-have.

  2. I love these Karachi night shots and the food looks fantastic. I love spicey Asian food but you gotta have the real deal – not the firey English version. 🙂

  3. munira says:

    Hahah!! The English version is fire-ier?? Personally, I can’t enjoy food if it burns my taste buds into oblivion…it’s just…uncomfortable!!
    But a falooda soothes everything 🙂
    Huz and I agreed on the perfectness of the chicken malai boti here though. I think I’ll take you here *when* you come to Karachi to visit me 😉
    And yes, it looks great at night, with lights to brighten it up and shadows to hide all the unsavoury things…

    1. Re: firey food…I agree.

  4. Sorry about them not having faloodas, and about the milkshake fail!

    I’ve noticed in some of the more neighborhood(y) places I’ve been, you have to be there at the time that the person who is doing the cooking (or mixing), is the one whose cooking (or mixing) you actually like! Of course, it got harder and harder to figure that out before being seated!

    Your photos were top notch, yet again. I especially liked Amu’s of the adorable little boy!

  5. munira says:

    That’s okay Re, the quest is still alive! (though we seem to have a minor setback, which you’ll find out about in the next installment..)

    Good point about the specificity of the hand that cooks/mixes/blends. You might have hit the nail on the head!

    p.s really glad you’re enjoying the pictures 🙂

  6. emjayandthem says:

    and that little boy in his tiny kurta? Yes … completely adorable.

    Looks like a fun adventure… Cheers! MJ

  7. Boti kebab…………yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! Am loving the pictures M and Amu is right…that little boy…very adorable 🙂

    1. munira says:

      Hope you’re getting some idea of what Karachi is like H. I think the falooda is just an excuse….the real mission is this 🙂
      And yep, a great place to have boti kebab too!

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