All time favorites-Coke Studio

In the aftermath of the 4th season of Coke Studio, I thought about all the other perfornances we have watched over the last couple of years and decided to compile a short list of my absolute favourites, barring the ones I showcased in a previous post.

These are the ones that immediately sprang to mind.

Josh and Shafqat Amanat Ali (Mahi Ve)

I love the energy of the Montreal-based Josh duo Q and Rup, coupled with Shafqat’s classical input. The original is better, but the Coke Studio version is pretty good too, a lovely mix of bhangra, pop and hip-hop.

Atif Aslam (Mai Ni)

The boy with the golden voice, who gained recognition with the song ‘Aadat’ as the lead singer of Jal….they soon split up in a rather messy, ignominous way.

Mai Ni….the Coke Studio version is haunting, and beautifully sung by Atif.

Arif Lohar and Meesha Shafi (Alif Allah)

Never been a fan of Arif Lohar’s genre of music or his flashy dress sense, but I believe he’s immensely popular in Punjab. This song though, was simply awesome!

Meesha, of Overload fame, added some extra oomph and pizzazz as Lohar’s sidekick, and this Bahoo-inspired song became an instant HIT throughout the Pakistani music-loving world, much thanks to Coke Studio and Rohail’s vision.

Zeb and Haniya (Bibi Sanam Janem)

These two US-educated girls from Kohat, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa are cousins. Their music is melodious and really easy on the ears, with a folksy, bluesy sound. Stars, these two.

Bibi Sanam Janem is an Afghani song, very catchy tune and eminently sing-able.

Zeb and Haniya (Nazar Eyle)

A Turkish number this time. Literally translated, the song is quite absurd, but mesmerising if you have no clue what it means…

Beautifully sung by Zeb.

Meesha Shafi (Chori chori)

Model/singer, Meesha was catapulted to fame in this season of Coke Studio, first with her duet with Arif Lohar (see above) and then with this soulful, trance-like rendition of a song originally sung by the renowned Reshma…

What do you think? Got any favorites you think I should include in this list?


  1. anonnickus says:

    Can I comment here on how special I think your Days Of Yore section is. The story is vibrant and the connection to the period is perfect. It is a wonderful concept to be able to connect to the recent past like that.

    As for Coke, its Coke. It gets to where you expect good execution on their part and it is a disappointment when they fail to disappoint.


    1. munira says:

      Thank you for the heartwarming comment Anonnickus! And may I just say how cool your blog name is? 🙂
      So glad you visited the other blog…it is my pet project….


  2. Great choices. I liked them all and will now grab them from Soundcloud. I’ll also search out more music from these people. Thank you for such excellent choices. As for Meesha Shafi I loved the tone of her voice. I think I’m in love. 🙂


    1. munira says:

      Oh no! *groans*…..there goes the neighbourhood! 😛
      My husband is not-so-secretly in love with her too 😦 Don’t blame him either 😦

      Was dying for you to listen to these after those others, so REALLY glad you approve my choice! Thanks Alan! You’re awesome 😀


      1. That’s kind. Thank you.


        1. Just thought I’d tell you that I think Coke Studiio is excellent. I have it in my Favourites bar now and I’m working through the shows. Just thoroughly enjoyed Komal Rizvi & Akhtar Chanal Zahri “Daanah pah Daanah” .The house band, who are great, give the shows a consistency that allows the performers to build on a base. Loving it. 🙂


          1. Munira says:

            Wow, can’t believe I’m responsible for turning ONE person into a die-hard fan (so far away at that)
            I enjoyed Daanah pah daanah, but Komal Rizvi’s voice is too ordinary for me to appreciate her as much as I do singers with a gritty edge. I think she tries too hard sometimes 😛
            The folk aspect of the song is cute though and makes you want to get up and dance 🙂
            As for the house band, I just love those guys. They work together so fluidly, it’s beautiful to watch the concentration translate into a beautifully harmonized sound.


  3. Aditya says:

    Hi Munira, really loved all of your favourites. shall be checking your blog every now and then,thanks again…i`m from Bangalore *grooving to Bibi Sanam Janem..Wow!! actually i was searching for more music by Zeb and Haniya and i got into your blog,this is double bonanza for me!!!


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