It’s a conspiracy!

Okay, I’m about to share something deeply personal here so brace yourselves.

What the heck is up with this graph??

i mean, seriously?!

Four times in ten days, 86 was the maximum number I got 😛

Very strange, no?


  1. Really weird, Munira! What’s up, indeed!

    1. Munira says:

      It’s actually pretty interesting!

  2. By the way–REALLY GREAT TITLE!

    1. Munira says:

      Thanks Kathy! 😀

  3. huzaifazoom says:

    8+6 =14

    July 29 = 7, 29; 7 + 29 = 36
    Aug 10 = 8, 10; 8 + 10 = 18
    36+18 = 54

    54 + 14 = 68.

    Switch the numbers in 68 and you get:

    1. Munira says:

      Whoa! Dude! 😀

  4. photokunstler says:

    Now that numerology stuff IS very interesting, isn’t it? Wow!!

    1. Munira says:

      Oh, he’s always coming up with stuff like that! 😀

  5. Ana says:

    I’m confused!

    1. Munira says:

      Haha! understandably so! 😀

  6. Nida says:

    Haha i can’t find a connection but 86 looks pretty good to me:D

    1. Munira says:

      I was kinda hoping it would stop at 86 yesterday, but it went up to 90……not complaining, not complaining….. 😉

    1. Munira says:

      I like weird! 😀

  7. Thinking about you and hoping you’re okay. I miss your posts, my friend! Hopefully you are only busy living a wonderful life.

  8. I know what you mean about not trusting your own voice. Sometimes I think that’s an inevitable part of being a writer. Such a huge irony! When you’re ready, I’ll be excited to read.

  9. You are not a wuss! Sounds like sanity to me, my dear!

    1. Munira says:

      Thanks for the moral support Kathy!

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