14th February~early morning drive back home.


It is not often….not often at all, that I am up and out of the house driving around so early. The man who usually does these things is out of town, so yours truly must drop the offspring to school. Yesterday as I drove back home, I witnessed the most glorious sun, just over the horizon as I went around a bend on the sloping road. ‘Oh WOW!’, is all I could say, and kicked myself for not having a camera on me. Promised myself I would remember to take it with me this morning, as the sun dawned on Valentines Day, 2012. The sky was less polluted this morning it seemed, and the sunrise wasn’t as spectacular as it was yesterday. But it wasn’t bad either.

Have a great day people.




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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. satsumaart says:

    At least you saw it and appreciated! 🙂

  3. auntyuta says:

    Thanks for the reblogging from Mun-Zooms. I did check it out and was glad to see the excellent photos you managed to shoot on the following morning. Myself I love to be up for sunrises! During our vacation at Apollo Bay last December Peter and I were up early a few times and Peter took pictures of the sun rising above the ocean. I always enjoy early morning walks.

    While I’m writing I still have the orchids beside me which Peter gave me on VD. I had bought him a cute little teddy with (to my shame) an artificial rose. The teddy looked so cute I couldn’t resist buying him. Peter said: But we don’t give each other gifts for Valentines Day! True enough. So this was an exception. Then Peter felt he wanted to give me something too. The orchids still look wonderfully fresh. I love their cerise colours.

    I wonder whether the teddy will still be there in fifteen years time? At the moment he’s standing next to the orchids. The very real looking long luscious rose standing right behind him!

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