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Junkie self-portrait

Lisa, over at the Satsumabug blog often paints herself while looking in the mirror. In her own words, Lisa is a ‘transdisciplinary artist who works in text and image.’

Since I used to do stuff like that myself, I enjoy her blog for the way she keeps track of her experiments, the meticulousness with which she documents some of her more painstaking work, like this card she made for Valentine’s Day. 

These days I am a woman of few words, so I feel inadequate when it comes to describing anything or anyone much. And Lisa is all about introspection, so her blog is my go-to place when all I want to do is nod agreeably at what someone else is saying. She is just so wise. And articulate. I want her to infect me with her zest for life!

She has her off days too though, and this is what she has decided to do when her life feels out of balance. It’s so weird how often what she says resonates with me! I love the seemingly effortless way she puts into words everything I’m feeling or have felt.

Lisa, this post is for you. The least I can do is show you my junkie self-portrait. Just remember, this was done around eighteen years ago….and I don’t think it took more than 15 minutes 🙂

17 thoughts on “Junkie self-portrait

    1. Thank you! Yes, it was a very quick pencil sketch and just some washes of colour. Great practice for art exams where we had time constraints! 🙂

    1. I think it was an assignment our art teacher made us do…..can’t really remember for sure. I enjoyed doing it though, and I do think my gaze is quite intense 🙂

  1. Munira, you’ve got me so warmly embarrassed with all your kind words!! Thank you so much, and you inspire me too! That self-portrait is completely amazing, not only because it was done in 15 minutes… there is so much presence in it, and an incredible level of detail for such a quick painting. Wowwww. Thank you for posting it. 🙂 Do you still paint now, ever?

    1. Heheh, I’m sorry! I just wrote what I think 🙂 And now I’m blushing too!
      I don’t paint at all anymore, which is very sad considering how passionate I used to be about art.
      Perhaps it’ll come back to me one day, who knows?

      1. Aww, I’m selfishly sorry you’re not painting anymore, because I want to see more of your work! 😉 But if it’s important enough to you, it’ll come back someday, I’m sure of it. 🙂

  2. Two of my favorite blogging people in one place! Yay!
    And Good God, Munira, what a stunning portrait. I mean really. What can one say except WOW. I hope you have a sumptuous frame for it.

  3. Hahaha, oh, people have said some very funny things about this portrait and I don’t think anyone thinks much of it except to ask what on earth I was thinking when I had it framed 😛 (and it is a very nondescript frame at that) So good to think I’m not alone in loving it! Thank you!
    And so tickled to know I’m one of your favourite blogging people!!!!!!! Yayyy!! ❤

  4. My goodness, I, for one, am very impressed! I don’t think I would be able to do anything that would resemble a self-portrait (except for a bunch of lines and blobs of paint) so you did a fine job in my eyes. (And it looks like in other eyes, too.) Wondering why you don’t paint any more when you obviously had a talent. Did other things become more important, more interesting to you? Or did someone or something take your energy away from it? How about another painting this week and post it here? **grin** Just a suggestion.

    1. That is a question and a half my bloggy friend, wish I knew how to answer it! Frankly, I think I’m just very lazy and don’t have the patience for it anymore. Photography is so much faster 😉
      Though I have to add here, that it is one of those things I wish would make its way back….I think I have a lot of ‘art’ in me, but I’m staying away from it for reasons I haven’t yet figured out completely….I think it has something to do with being dissatisfied with the way things turn out. I want to be kick-ass and cutting edge….but I’m not. And that disappoints me.

      1. I wonder what would happen if we gave ourselves permission to create crappy art, bad art, childish art, silly art. What if we assigned ourselves to paint, draw, write badly every day? Wonder how much more we would create? I like being your bloggy friend.

        1. Food for thought. I’d be producing oodles of creative things if I didn’t care about perfection. Alas, I’m very hard on myself 😐

    1. Thank you Alan! Hiding my talent, yes, I get that a lot 🙂 People are generally confounded by my lack of ambition and drive. One day I shall wake up with a crushing sense of having wasted my life, I just know it.

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