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Blown away! (finally!)

Now THIS…my dear Single Malt Monkey….is the definition of Coke Studio awesomeness!

Feel free to head-bang your way through this number.

Nationwide opinion seems to be that Coke Studio has been a bit ho hum this season, with the exception of Charkha Naulakha. I mean, the songs have been easy enough on the ear……but we now expect quite a bit more in terms of edginess. ‘Neray Aah’ has delivered on all fronts! I LOVE the way both Farhad and Rachel seem immersed in belting out the lyrics…with such…..feeling! And omg, that girl can scream!

This is seriously good stuff people.

Here is something about the band called ‘Overload’, how they came into being, what set them apart, and what happened to them subsequently.

And watch the ‘behind the scenes’ bit to know what the song means, how they put it together, and how Rachel overcame her issues with pronouncing the Punjabi 🙂

26 thoughts on “Blown away! (finally!)

    1. Yeah, I like this. But I would have liked to have seen more of the tabla player. He sounds awesome.

  1. I love the music. Thanks for publishing the videos. Also thank for Ghulam Ali. I find it very relaxing listening to it. Here’s a bit of what Deepak Chopra has to say about music:

    ‘…..Music influences your heart rate, brain waves, blood pressure, stomach contractions, and levels of hormones associated with stress. . . . . The body’s pharmacy also generates healing neuropeptides when you listen to music your enjoy.’

      1. Listening to music you enjoy is very good ‘for the soul’ as the saying goes.
        In our exercise class I am very stimulated by the music. I think I wouldn’t like doing the exercises without the music. In most situations I absolutely dislike having to listen to very popular modern music, as for instance sometimes in shopping centers. It can drive me nuts!. It sounds too aggressive to me. In private I might be able to put up with it for a very brief time, possibly trying to move to it a little bit.if the beat is somewhat stimulating. I love Jazz, But even with Jazz I only like the more old fashioned Jazz. I love Classical Music. But I go more for the harmonious sounds.I love most chorus singing. I love some Operas. South American Dance Music just blows me away. I love to listen to the Didgeridoo and to Inca Pipe Music.
        A few days ago we saw an Australian Movie on TV, called ‘Mabo’. I liked the movie very much. I remember noticing that the accompanying music sounded always exactly right and enhanced the movie.
        Same as Kathryn, I probably never heard these folks (the ones in your post) before. And I might forget again their name. I just loved listening to the music.If I lived in your parts of the world I’d probably listen to music like this more often.
        Sadly Peter and I often don’t find enough time to just listen to music. Most of our CDs (hundreds of them!) we hardly ever listen too.
        When I am in the kitchen I usually just put the radio on our ABC FM station who most of the time have a music program that agrees with me. The cooking and the dishes are done easier with some music in the background.
        It’s early morning here in Australia. Now I’ve written so much and I only wanted to check whether I had any messages. I found you liked my new blog about cousins, dear Munira, Thanks for that.You are often the first one to notice a new post of mine. TY

        1. It was so nice to read your comment Aunty Uta, and interesting to know what kinds of music appeal to you….your range is quite diverse! I still can’t really say exactly what I like, because music depends so much on mood, and moods change so much.
          I know what you mean about listening to whatever’s on the radio, I think it has a lot to do with being lazy….we do whatever is convenient most of the time, don’t we?
          Can’t believe I took so long to reply to you!

  2. Haha, so you grab me by the shirt collar and hawl me in front of the box ! 🙂 I’d seen this “teased” on Facebook but hadn’t caught up with the show yet. It looked promising and sure enough it is good – and different to what has been played so far, in many ways. Is that because it is basically Overload in any other guise ? I guess we won’t be seeing Meesha Shafi doing a solo spot with Farhad Humayun the new drummer in the house band. (I do love his earphones. i want some.)

    I would agree that there has been a little cosiness this time and some the edge and exploration appears to be missing. There is a safe quality to the music at the moment, with the odd exception.

    However, I did think that bringing the Chakwal Group and Meesha Shafi together worked well.
    My favourite is still Charkha Nualakha but with a couple of episodes still to go I’m sure Rohail can push the boat out.

      1. Oh! I did have a vague suspicion it might be you cos of the tabla reference, but then I thought it might be Indiajones having a rethink! 😀

    1. *teehee* is that what I did? 🙂
      Here’s the original Overload for you
      I think it’s strange the rate at which good bands break up in Pakistan… one seems to last long 😐
      Yes, the Chakwal group/Meesha Shafi pairing worked really well too, very hummable song, though I suspect you’d love anything to do with Meesha 😉
      Let’s see what the the remainder of the show brings……my faith in Rohail stands strong!

  3. Hey there Munira! I’m glad I found this blog, that’s got almost everything that suits my taste, be it music, or writing! I’m also a great listener of Coke Studio (both Indian season and Pakistani season) and trust me, I’ve loved the Pakistani season more! Amazing artists and amazing music right? Meesha shafi (feat. in Arif Lohar’s Alif allah song) completely took me into an altogether different world of music! I’m a huge fan of Strings, post more of their rare videos of work if you can (cuz here in India, we’re known to and acquainted with their regular released works only)! Would love to follow! Keep up the good work! 🙂

    1. Hi there Rohan! I’m pretty glad you stumbled across me too. Have yet to pay attention to the Indian Coke Studio sessions (I’m under the impression that most of it has that Bollywood touch….and I like my music fresh and raw) though I DID listen to this yesterday and LOVED it!
      Sadly, I’m NOT a big Strings fan, so can’t keep you updated as to their songs….but I love this one:
      and also THIS:
      Thanks for your heartening, friendly comment and apologies for the late reply!

      1. No problem but you know Indian Coke Studio has got a LOT of fresh stuff, you should check it out! and yeah Madari right? Heard it lately, Its good.. Try listening to this “Badri Badariyan”:

        and coming to strings.. Mera bichra yaar is one of my favourites.. Infact, the album “Dhaani” has some really soothing numbers like “Kahaani mohabbat ki” (in case you haven’t heard, and also check this really beautiful track “Titliyan”
        Hope I’ve given you some new songs to listen to.. 🙂

        Long Live Music! \m/

        1. People on my facebook have been posting songs from the Indian Coke Studio, and there was an article in our papers about it too. Interesting to know that the Indian version had 6 different producers! Or was it 5….not sure. Anyways, I guess each producer brought something new to the table so it stayed fresh, much fresher I believe than the Pakistani version this year, which I felt lacked a bit in that department. Except for a few songs of course, like this one posted here.
          Badri badariyan is great!! Thanks for pointing the way! 🙂

          1. And I just watched the Titliyan video. Seems apt that I finally got around to doing so on the 14th of August 🙂 It pretty much sums it up for me.

          2. Hehe.. Yeah the Indian season’s got 7 producers (even I didn’t know the stats until I checked out after your comment :P)!
            But yeah, true.. talking about the Indian season, freshness is definitely there this season unlike the first one, which was rather just a few fusions and renditions of old songs.. Pakistani first season was kickass, need to check out this season more closely! 🙂

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