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I wrote this almost exactly two years ago, but I feel like sharing it again, just because it was brought to my attention when it showed up in my stats as a link someone had clicked on…or perhaps because someone stumbled onto it while searching for information on pani puri. Who knows?
Isn’t it fun to read something you wrote a long time ago? Personally I feel I don’t write with such detail anymore….

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After raising four daughters and marrying them off one after the other, Mum and Dad were left with an empty nest, yet not a single day goes by that they don’t think of us and what we might be up to in our respective homes. They do enjoy their freedom and space I’m sure, yet they long for us to come over with their grandchildren (and one great grandchild) and spend the day with them. Admittedly, for a variety of reasons, it isn’t always that simple to extricate ourselves from our myriad chores to take out the time and effort to hang out with our parents, but when we do, we always vow to do it more often.  The best intentions still find a way to go awry however, and before we realise it, once again, weeks have gone by without having made contact.

They wait for our phone calls…

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  1. oops–meant to post the second comment here.

    Loved that post, Mun, but I think our writing shifts with the seasons–it evolves–it changes–it moves forward and sometimes circles back. This writing is lovely and so is the other.

    1. I totally second Kathy. My writing (and drawings and paintings) change a lot, over the years and just from day to day. In fact, my handwriting itself changes from hour to hour! How could it not, when I’m always seeing things through different eyes? I love your detailed writing but also all your posts. 🙂

  2. I think i am a lot like how your father is. Only difference is that i am younger so probably more prone to going out at some point but i do need days when i just am by myself in the house all day long, doing things or not doing things,

    Such family gatherings are always fun. I do similar stuff with my cousins when it comes to baking a marble cake and Once I made pakoray. I have pictorial proof lol. Brilliant times.

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