28 Delightful Things About Demon Kitty

Little billi/demon kitty was a very difficult kitty to put a name to. I think the reason why it took us two months to settle on something that stuck is because of the uncertainty regarding her future with us. Dr Isma, while prescribing a treatment for poor Fuzzy’s stress tentatively asked if it was possible to find another home for the little rescue. And though we begged asked around on social media as well as in person it seemed like a halfhearted attempt, because quite simply, we were in love with her. Here is why.


1. She goes nuts with scrunched up newspaper and little rubber balls.

2. Curls up to sleep, purring like a fridge, on everyone’s neck/shoulders.

3. Looks deep into eyes, then touches cheek with paw.

4. Follows me everywhere and seems genuinely interested in the way I fold laundry/chop vegetables/exercise/scoop poop from litter with spade.

5. Carries her toys in her mouth (thread spools, newspaper balls, rubber bands) and deposits them in her basket.

6. Likes to sleep, neatly curled up in her basket, if no humans available.

7. Pees and poops in litter!!!!

8. Likes sleeping on warm spots, like laptops and chargers and pools of sunlight.

9. Likes sleeping wedged neatly into narrow window ledges.


10. Plays hide and seek with Amu’s hand under blankets.

11. Plays with everything.

12. Attempts to chomp on everything.

13. Boops my nose affectionately, purring, and licks it.

14. Licks my hand if I pet her when she’s grooming herself.

15. Acts like every funny cat video I have ever seen.

16. Entertains by mad dashing, sliding, and falling off surfaces.

17. Swats at my pen as I write, or my fingers while I type.

18. Looks pretty.

19. Tries to cover up food she can’t finish.

20. Tries to cover up playthings when she’s done playing.

21. Is easily distracted by moving objects and wants to touch, very dangerous when object happens to be the needle of a sewing machine.

22. Carries things in her mouth and drags them around the house, like shoes by their shoelaces, or stoles by their tassles.

23. Just pushed my pen cap off the table and proceeded to swat it around the floor.

24. Takes kibbles out of her food bowl with a delicately curved paw and swats it around for a while before chomping it.

25. Eats weird things, like feathers and thread and potato peels.

26. Crouches and pounces and ambushes from her hiding place under the bed.

27. Talks to pigeons outside the window.


28. Talks to flies and moths. If she manages to catch them with her paws, she eats them.

We debated names like Nutsy, Smelly, Jinni/Ginny, Pagli, and a few more I can’t remember anymore. The latest is Mini, which seems to suit her just fine.

So it seems she is around to stay, since there are no takers, and because I could never be convinced anyone could love her as much as we do.

Perhaps Fuzzy began to sense a shift in our loyalty which is why he lost his appetite/refused to eat anything with antidepressants in it. My problems with him were far from over. Mini’s playful attacks were becoming increasingly aggressive, and so were Fuzzy’s response to them. I began to fear Mini would get hurt soon, for though she was all tooth and claws, Fuzzy was still the bigger cat and he did, almost reluctantly, fight back in self defence.

Still, I was struck by horror at what happened that fateful evening when I gave Fuzzy a bath and he became unrecognizable to Mini.

It turned out to be one of the most frightening events in my life, and a complete game-changer as far as the future of the two cats as co-habitants was concerned.



  1. Heather says:

    What I’m reading here is that you like her because she’s a kitten 😉
    She is pretty adorable. Is she still so smelly?
    My cats, who we’ve had for over 14 years, still play what we call “The Gravity Game!” They also play the Caterwaul-Because-I’m-Inconsolable Game, which is not nearly as cute.
    How dare you with that cliffhanger!

    1. Munira says:

      You’re right of course 🙂 I’m already dreading the problems I know come hand in hand with cats in the house…but I wonder if if she’ll be as difficult as Fuzzy has become 😦
      The smelliness has gone down a notch or two *phew*
      And omg! 14 years! Fuzzy is playing the inconsolable caterwauling game these days and it certainly isn’t cute at all 😦

      1. Heather says:

        You can always do what we did and get a dog 😉
        Seriously though – the cats were driving us nuts and we had kind of been waiting for them to pass on before we got a dog. One day I had the epiphany that their crazy behavior was already ruining our relationship, and how could it get worse if we got a dog? Truth is, they’ve quieted down some, if only because their craziness means Petey gets up to investigate. It also means that the obnoxious things about them stand in stark contrast to Pete’s much better attitude.

        1. Munira says:

          We’d get disowned by the whole family if we got a dog 😛
          Your relationship with Tony was getting ruined you mean to say? Huz got sulky and accused me of caring more about the cats’ comfort than his peace of mind (he works from home)
          Wish there was professional cat help around here. I’m afraid I’m beginning to come across a bit batty in social settings when I bring up my cat problems. Why on earth would anyone allow cats to destroy their home and mental health?? It’s insane I tell you.
          Oh wait, I don’t need to tell you 😉
          Glad you have Petey the bouncer now and all is well with the world 😀

          1. Heather says:

            Not my relationship with Tony; he’s just as batty as I am when it comes to the cats. For so long we had wanted a dog, but knew it would change our relationship with the cats. Which we viewed as special, and to them, sacred. For cats, they are the antithesis of aloof, and we were afraid it would damage their psyches (see: there’s no way I’d think *you* were batty!). But we were both so frustrated with them, we were spending so much of our time absolutely fed up with their behavior. So we decided it was time to change the balance in our favor.
            Since we both work from home, I can relate to Huz’s issues. They can make it tough to be productive sometimes!
            Get disowned by the whole family for getting a dog? What? I know Americans are kind of dog-crazy; does this not extend to your area of the globe?

          2. Munira says:

            I understand perfectly 🙂 Hope the delicacy of the cat/human relationship has been maintained despite presence of doggy. I suspect Huz is rather batty too…though he pretends not to be.
            Won’t say anymore at this point…wouldn’t want to ruin the suspense of the next post would I? 😉
            I have quite a few dog-crazy friends right here in Karachi, and judging by the constant traffic of adorable canines I get to see on my vet trips, we are an animal-loving peoples 🙂 But in my own family I am the only one of my kind. My bro in law likes fish, and his brother has a thing for birds. No one keeps cats or dogs as pets in the house as they are considered ‘unclean’. Islamically speaking, you can’t have cat piss or doggy drool all over you when you pray, and practising Muslims? They pray 5 times a day. I guess the presence of animals in one’s house is indicative of one’s piety/religiosity…one of those easily distinguishable things…like beards 😛

  2. Okay, so she’s cute. And any cat who is interested in you chopping veg could well be trainable to do housework ………………………………….. but, YOU CAN BATH FUZZY ?!

    1. Munira says:

      Yes she is, but she is also a pain in the a**. 😛 Fuzzy has never bitten or scratched me in 8 years as much as this monster has in three months! And he is such a placid soul, I have NEVER had problems bathing him, which is great because his long-hairedness means he can’t be bothered putting in the effort to groom himself clean. Minnie has short hair and spends hours grooming herself so I don’t think she’ll be needing baths at all!
      I expect I’ll get her to fold laundry in no time 😛

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