March, 2021

here i am again, under a new flag, a lot older, a bit wiser. 2017, the last time i shared anything.

i wonder if i have any followers left? let this be a thought bubble that drifts away into nothingness if not.

fuzzy the cat is now fourteen years old and has been gently groomed over the course of a week by me, in order to avoid the easier route of having him sedated and given a lion cut by someone at the vets’. Today I discovered he likes papaya in addition to melon.

mowgli the calico is almost five and has proved to be a highly intelligent cat, demonstrated by her ability to open doors by jumping up and grabbing door handles and pulling them down using her body weight.

minnie has been around for a few years more than mowgli, i forget the year we rescued her. she did get lost for a whole month two years ago, but miraculously returned, haunted and half her size. her survival remains a mystery i shall never unravel, but her return was along the same route i had visualized in my mind’s eye.

a lot more kittens have entered and gone from our lives, the most notable being georgie and mano. and there is a mommy cat who lives outside with her brood of four: emmet, molly and the two scruffies. they are the most delightful family we have the pleasure of being acquainted with.

amu is now twenty three and feels weighed down by the burden of existence sometimes. my job it seems is to remind her to keep her eyes open to the wonder of it all. she is finally working towards a bachelors degree in social sciences, after quitting college for a year to dabble in other things: a yoga teacher training in nepal, a bit of teaching thereafter, and then a job at a startup. she produced a ton of art through 2020, and thrived in lockdown as it eased her fomo.

huz is almost fifty five and continues to be a poet and an IT consultant. his biggest breakthrough over the last couple of years has been to give back to the world by making inroads in the world of activism, doing what he does best: programming and visualizing. his work has helped in mapping global inequality, and apart from being mentioned in a groundbreaking paper as well as a book, he continues to gain the greatest satisfaction in finally being able to do meaningful work, not just a bullshit job.

i am now 48, proud to declare that i have finally managed to grow tomatoes and even a melon. i have learned a lot about gardening and composting, messing around with earth and seeds. i have jumped with both feet into mother earth spirituality, transformed by the depth of indigenous wisdoms, specifically native american ones. life has been full of understanding and insight, ephemeral though they are. letting go of the pretense of hair dye was a process that did more for me than just save my scalp from chemicals. i now sport streaks of white , along with the virtual company of hundreds of women who did the same, all of us part of a whole movement of women intent on overturning the norm. we all know it wasn’t just about hair.

setting an intention here today. to tuck away some thoughts as the days go by, whatever they are, worth sharing or not, just as an exercise in flexing my unused muscles.




  1. auntyuta says:

    Hallo, dear Munira! It is wonderful to have found your post this morning. At present I am here in Benalla, Victoria, for a little holiday, staying with my son Martin, who takes good care of me. Martin is a great cat lover too, and he loves gardening. I never died my hair. I am 86 now. Sadly Peter passed away a few months ago. It is not so easy, learning to live on my own . . .
    I am so happy, you do post again, dear Munira! Looking forward to read a lot more from you! 🙂 Love, your old friend Uta 🙂

    1. Munira says:

      A very warm hello to you Aunty Uta, my thoughts went to you and Peter once in a while, wondering how you both were.
      I am so very sorry to know about Peter… I always loved his thoughtful comments, always supportive and wise. You must miss him so much. I’m sure it isn’t easy at all, after spending a lifetime together
      I’m happy to know you are with your son now, I send you lots of love 💕

      1. auntyuta says:

        Thank you, dear Munira, thank you very much. Indeed, I miss Peter a lot. I spent two good weeks with Martin. Last night I returned home. Am looking forward now, to have some of the family visiting me over Easter. Love und HUGS from me, Uta

  2. M!!! Here you are again and you cannot imagine how happy it makes me 😊 So much water under the bridge…practically an ocean…it’s wonderful that you’ve stayed safe through all this chaos…and may I say…the White suits ❤️ Welcome back!

    1. Munira says:

      Omg you’re still here H! Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw your comment… Thought you’d stopped using WordPress ages ago….!
      It’s been so long since we were in touch! Hope you and fam are well 💕😊

  3. Anonymous says:

    M!!! Here you are again and you cannot imagine how happy it makes me 😊 So much water under the bridge…practically an ocean…it’s wonderful that you’ve stayed safe through all this chaos…and may I say…the White suits ❤️ Welcome back!

  4. Sid Dunnebacke says:

    So it’s been upward of 4 years? That’s amazing, and another reminder of how strange time is. I don’t even want to guess how long it’s been since I wrote something here. Aaaaaanyway, it’s fantastic to be given another glimpse into life so far from here, and I may or may not be most happy to learn about the cats you share your home & life with… Cheers, Munira 🙂

    1. Munira says:

      We used to write and share so much, didn’t we!? So glad you’re around Sid:) I was thinking about your nature walks and close observations of spring flowers and all things beautiful ❤

  5. satsumaart says:

    Munira!!! I felt such warmth when I saw your name in my likes. I’m sending you so much love. It’s good to see you again.

    1. Munira says:

      It’s good to see you again too Lisa! Been sooo long, Owl’s grown so much! I was wondering why you were staying with your parents, so much to catch up on!

  6. .Esscee says:

    Munira!!! I am sooo happy to have seen your blog… again!!!… after so long. Oh i missed you so much. God bless you and yours. I recall so much of the writings … seems so long ago… the ice creams you all went and had.
    I am now 80 years young… 🙂
    I have no idea if you would remember me. I lived in Karachi, was born there, now in Canada. Miss Karachi, but its a lot changed now from what i see and here from friends still there.
    God bless your family. Will be checking in, everyday.
    take care.

  7. razaxagha says:

    How lovely to see this post. I must have checked back tens of times since 2017 to see if you posted.

    Pls keep writing.

  8. Eddie says:

    Going through my blogroll and seeing which of the writers are still active. Good to see a latest day post even though seems like you took a break too. Hope to see more posts from you. Seems like more and more people have moved away from the blogosphere.

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