the olden days

Days of Yore is a place where I attempt to chronicle the history of my parents. I have always been fascinated by their stories of bygone days, and I’m afraid I’ll forget them unless I write them down. The picture that presents itself is of a pre-Partition subcontinent, a place in India fondly remembered by my father as the setting of his childhood, and my mother’s hometown in Pakistan, the city by the sea that my father migrated to and settled in.

It is also a picture of the times they lived in, the 40′s, the 50′s and the 60′s, a deeply nostalgic time for them both, when life-changing events happened and their futures were set in stone.

It is going to be an educational experience for me, since I plan to delve deeper into history and geography as I listen to their stories, to get some context and atmosphere into the verbal picture. I’m going to throw myself into this project with passion, and hope interested readers will enjoy the journey as much as I know I will.


  1. JS says:

    Thank you very much, Munira
    Enjoyed reading your blog
    Will come back again


  2. Shelli says:

    Thank you very much, Munira
    Enjoyed reading your blog
    Will come back again



  3. Arwa Sh Khuzaima says:

    hey Munira, i just stumbled upon your blog by chance and I’m glad i did, coz I thoroughly enjoyed going through some of the stuff that you write very candidly about. It actually stirs the writing germ within me….
    so dude, keep writing!


    1. Munira says:

      Thanks Arwa! Glad you dropped by 🙂


  4. stella says:

    Do you still run your blog… I have loved it since i found it… then i lost it.. as my computer went out ..
    Now have a new one… searched and searched for your blog, by a miracle only done by God, i came across it..
    so happy i almost cried..
    Whereever you are, i pray God blesses you and yours. Amen.

    I used to live in Karachi.. now in Canada and approaching my 80’s.

    If you get this.. please update me if you have a new blog ..
    Thank you.



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