Sunday ambience

all is peaceful...sun shines...cricketers play..
hark! something grows!
and the champa springs forth a new bunch of buds..
the mysteriously dormant leafy sprigs produce a profusion of mysterious yellow blooms...
(thank you Pasha!)
the other pot chooses to be more demure..
the chilli plant rose again like a phoenix from the ashes, and is now more beautiful than it ever was...
tomato seedlings have found new homes...
bumblebee takes a chill pill. too lazy a sunday to be dive-bombing my ears 😛
to think the champa was so little when i planted it...just two little sprigs with some leaves..
it has replaced the bug-friendly allamanda as my new pride and joy 🙂
the house is peaceful too, without Zahooran to disrupt the artful mess...
morning light filters through the blinds..
this one's for Kathy 🙂
the offspring plants her juice on the table...
and proceeds to gobble her cereal. which reminds me....

I should do something about breakfast 🙂


  1. Such a relief to read that someone I love is having a relaxed Sunday 🙂 I’ve just spent a terribly rushed Sunday morning and your post was just what I needed to calm the frazzled nerves. Festivals are all well and good…but yaar itne hectic kyon ban jaate hai?!

    P.S. If you are going to blossom into a successful gardener…I’m going to have to rethink our friendship 😛 😉 Love the ‘mysterious’ yellow flowers 🙂

    1. Munira says:

      Is the Ganpati festival still going full swing?? You crazy Goans you…..*shakes head in amazement*
      You know H, the more I leave my plants to their own devices, the better they seem to fare….
      Who am I to mess with nature, right? 😉

      1. Aah…wise girl 😀 Nature is truly at her best when left to her own device…just like us Humans nah 😉

        1. Loved the pictures…the swans are me fave 🙂

          1. Munira says:

            Thanks H 🙂 The swans were a gift from my mother in law’s BEST friend in Bombay, would you believe?!

  2. What a cool idea. You seem to have green fingers, too……and just to here is quiet. Mrs.Monkey gone with her Mum, Aunt and Gran for the day. I’m gonna chill too.

    1. Munira says:

      After the handful of cherry tomatoes that managed to make their way into my kitchen, I thought it was high time I grew some of the Roma variety. Keeping my dubiously-green fingers firmly crossed!
      Hope you’re enjoying catching up with the news 🙂 I noticed the headlines on those papers in the video proclaimed something about ‘cell monkeys’ 😀

    2. Oh, that video brings back memories! This weekend has brought back of lot of my memories from the time of that song…

  3. OMG, Munira, the mirror is incredible! How stunning! Who did it? You? Your sister? Absolutely gorgeous—————— Thanks for sharing!

    And the small, lidded pot on the table–the one with the gold–we have one that is so, so similar! Ours is from Thailand.

    And your flowers are lovely————–

    What a sweet post, Munira. I loved it———————


  4. Munira says:

    Isn’t it just? I knew you’d like it. It is one of two that I bought from my sister (discounted, of course 😉 ) In my house you’ll find a lot of objects painted by her, scattered here and there. Tomorrow I’ll showcase them, just for you.
    As for the little lidded gold pot, it was a gift from a friend…..she bought it in Thailand!! 😀

    Thanks Kathy! Hope your table is chugging along merrily 🙂

  5. photokunstler says:

    I love the self-portrait!
    And the mirror is lovely too.

    How long is your growing season? Forever, or does it slow or stop at some point?

    1. Munira says:

      Thank you Patty! 🙂

      The growing season is pretty much year-long, though summers can get a bit too intense. I’m still learning through experience, but I’m afraid my gardening bouts are not so consistent that I would learn anything of value! But I’m nothing if not dogged 🙂
      Winters are so mild that things actually grow beautifully then….so planting season is right around the corner. Wish me luck with the tomatoes!

  6. My Sunday wasn’t quiet or calm. My sister, her friend, and I brainstormed a business idea, and I’ve been going on very little sleep lately. I’m wilting, but your lovely photos and sweet commentary are a charming way to end my day. Maybe I’ll sleep tonight and there’ll be lush greenery and beautiful works of art in my dreams because of you! 🙂

    1. Munira says:

      Oooh, business ideas! How marvellous 🙂 I’ve been thinking about business ideas with my neighbour too…we’re thinking of supplying offices with delicious low-cost sandwiches and we’ll call ourselves the ‘Yummy Mummies’. That plan is doomed to fail because she has no time to collaborate with me considering she just had a baby 😛
      Anyways, I’d love to know what you’re planning on doing, I find such things very inspiring.
      Thank you for the sweet comment…..I’d feel great if you had visually spectacular dreams because of me!

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