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I don’t think I ever grasped the concept of animals living wild and free (despite the evidence showcased by NatGeo)…..until we drove several metres into Mikumi. We weren’t even close to the entrance of the park when we saw these…


coming at us!
decide not to mess with us


Godfrey joked about our mission being accomplished, no need to spend money on the park, we could turn around and go back home now. 😀

The plan was to rent a lodge for the day and one night, rent a car and a guide, dump our bags, freshen up and go for a game drive. After the nitty-gritties had been taken care of, payments made, etc, we drove down some convoluted paths to the place we were to stay. On the way there was some excitement as we spotted an old lion sitting under a tree. ‘Simba!’ yelled Brian, and we watched as the lion yawned mightily, got up, and walked over to another shady bush.

Personally, I didn’t see the big deal in spotting a lion. I think zebras and giraffes are way prettier to look at. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Mikumi!

  1. I’d rather read what you dish out than all the other depressing , political and otherwise stuff that people keep on and on about… at least, the subjects of your blogs are interestingly refreshing.. your plus point being.. your language.

  2. If I don’t get myself over to Africa within the next year…I might just have to kill myself!!! And then it’ll all be on your head Miss M 😉

    Oh and I agree about the lions…not pretty unless in cub form 😀

    1. Oh wow! How did you guess?? It was the 1st of April that day…..and incredibly green! 🙂 Couldn’t get enough of it, drinking it all in before (reluctantly) heading back to the parched landscape of Sindh.

  3. I agree with the lion thing. I like zebras the best- I took my girlfriend to a park on a motorbike once and we had an ace afternoon whizzing round trying to find them. Also warthogs- the funniest thing I have ever seen. They run like they’re late for an important engagement.

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